Cupcake Pebbles (Min. Order: 10)

(11 customer reviews)


Cupcake Pebbles (Min. Order: 10)

Other nutritional considerations: Cupcake Pebbles, Each 3/4 cup serving has 120 calories, 1 gram of total fat which is 1 gram of saturated fat, 26 grams total carbs, 0 grams dietary fiber and 1 gram of protein.



Cupcake Pebbles (Min. Order: 10)

11 reviews for Cupcake Pebbles (Min. Order: 10)

  1. Vernon Haley

    high is mild, would order again

  2. Baxter

    A little harsh in my vaporizer but a great high that lasts awhile. Would order again

  3. Cassian Firth

    Nice and tasty 😉

  4. Jeff

    Pretty good strain. Definitely up there. Not my favorite but good nonetheless.

  5. Fanny

    Definitely going to be on my reorder!

  6. Webbs

    The taste in unbelievable and the high is really nice!

  7. Davison

    Nice strain, a little light

  8. Ward

    This flower has a great taste and an amazing high uplifting with the strong dominance of the cookies this is a must have chronic smoke 9/10 high 10 /10

  9. Millar

    This bud has a beautiful earthy/citrus scent

  10. Nour Ponce

    It pulls smooth and has a wonderful mellow high. Definitely going to be on my reorder!

  11. Cortes

    The aroma of this strain is full of tropical fruitiness. The buds were dense and tight. I found Hawaiian Cookies to be a great smoke for my creativity and that’s why I gave it 5 stars.

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